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Contemporary luxurious furniture displayed in 40 concept stores in Turkey and abroad.

Excellence since 1985

Founded in 1985 in Turkey, with over 36 years of tradition and focus on quality, ZEBRANO is one of the reference brands in the furniture industry.

Classic, avant-garde and contemporary well designed furniture is available to the delight of the passionate customers in 40 concept stores in the country and abroad. The focal point of the brand is undoubtedly the furniture with luxury finishes.

With a large production capacity for wood and decorations and qualified personnel, the brand has a versatile and problem free approach being able to provide integrated, personalized and convenient design that accommodates its customers’ most visionary requirements and expectations.

Leader provider of design and consultancy, through its advanced production technology and vaste experience, ZEBRANO offers turnkey solutions for various architectural projects, such as hotels, commercial buildings, public and state institutions, individual domestic houses or housing complexes.

ZEBRANO has grown over the years as a powerful furniture brand with the unique advantage of providing immediate solutions for all of its customers and so increasing the customer long term satisfaction and retention. That is why, when we say ZEBRANO we talk about international distribution, with large scale projects successfully delivered in different world areas such as Europe, Africa, Asia and Middle East Regions.

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Human Resources

ZEBRANO believes in keeping a safe and healthy environment. That is why, the company concentrates its efforts in educating employees to create a productive and innovative world by being respectful and aware of the environment. 

By centering its values on the people, ZEBRANO focuses its management activity on growing through education,  loyal and performant personnel, with developed professional skills and work satisfaction.  

Therefore, giving importance to people, transparency, continuous education and development constitute important milestones of the human resources policies of the ZEBRANO company. 

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