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Does it feel that your home spaces are incomplete or not sophisticated enough? Maybe you should consider adding a fauteuil, an armchair or a bergere chair.

The Bergere chair can definitely bring a little sophistication in any space. Because of its unique design, with closed sides, this type of chair can stimulate any furniture designer’s creativity, regarding shapes and colors.

The Bergere chair is also known for its quality to offer a relaxing experience to the user. The sides of this type of armchair are usually upholstered, and with the seat fitted with a comfortable cushion. So, this type of furniture is more versatile and wider compared with a fauteuil chair.

At ZEBRANO, customers can find bergere chairs with very elegant designs, made of soft and comfortable fabrics, in neutral and warm tones, so that they can satisfy all the clients design expectations. Also, these versatile and unique pieces of furniture can have high or low back, and curved, asymmetrical, conical or rounded shapes. The great advantage of our custom made armchairs is that they come in many shapes and dimensions, so they perfectly fit and compliment any space, creating a more sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. Because of its versatile usage, it can be in perfect combo with the same color sofa or even in deep contrast for a more dramatic look.

So, if you are ready to book the appearance of your home with an armchair or a bergere chair, come to our showrooms and we will guarantee you besides design and daring colors, well shaped pieces of furniture, made of quality wood and fabrics.

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Bergere / Armchairs


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Bergere / Armchairs


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Bergere / Armchairs


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