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The customer's experience in shops, boutiques or retail stores has definitely become a visual one in the latest years. Store owners, and especially luxury stores owners, consider that the interior design of the space is an integral part of the overall shopping experience.

At ZEBRANO, our interior designers’ proposals for luxury stores are based on visual experience, as a natural flow between the space and the products. That is why, we use the finest natural materials and refined furniture lines and fabrics, in elegant and precious colors, with the purpose of making the customer want to experience the shopping and to remain in the store.

One of the interior design touches are the lightnings and some statement decorative pieces, complemented by golden elements, metallic gray tones and many wood structures, either furniture or wall decoration, for a luxurious sensorial experience.

Actually, we want to bring the brand values and experience into the design of the space, creating in this way an innovative architecture and atmosphere that fits the shopping experience the brand wants to create for every customer.

The ZEBRANO interior design team has had the chance to work with many luxury brands from all over the world and different cultures, from London, to Milano, Ankara, Istanbul, Vienna etc. That is why, we have great experience in transforming into a lifestyle experience design, the values of a luxury brand. That is why, many of the shops and stores today go from retail to a more boutique and intimate atmosphere, and invest in the interior design experience, as they want to reflect the philosophy and aesthetic of the brand.

So, no matter if we are talking of a perfumery, a retail shop, or a spa, everything about the interiors emanate elegance and luxury, so that the customers experience the sophistication and exclusiveness of the brand.

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Luxury Stores

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Luxury Stores

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